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WHY TANKLESS Water Heaters ?

Did you know that according to tankless water heaters can be 24% - 34% more energy efficient than a conventional water heater? The initial cost of a tankless water heater is more than a typical water heater, but tankless heaters will typically last longer, have a lower operating and energy cost and a better warranty which would offset the higher cost. Tankless heaters also have an endless supply of hot water. They also can make more space in your home, and a Rinnai Tankless is roughly the size of a carry on suitcase!

Control R Tankless Water Heater System

Your Rinnai tankless water heater can now be control by your fingertips with the new Control-R mobile app and wireless module. With Wi-Fi connectivity you can take control of your new and existing Rinnai (2006 & newer). The app lets you adjust the temperature, receive automatic alerts and manage system performance and diagnostic tools.

We are so confident in Rinnai & tankless water heaters we would like to give you an estimate free of charge !!!  Call today for more information. 

Tankless water heater las vegas

Cold water enters the inlet of the pipe only when hot water is required, after that gas ignites the heat exchanger which gives you hot water. The tankless water heater is designed to adjust the flame output as it needed to ensure a temperature set point is maintained.

 Did you know most tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of more than 20 years?

Conventional water heaters only last 10-15 years(

Tank vs Tankless :  Is it Time to Make the Switch ?

Baby Bath
Family Fun
Baby Shower
Relaxed Kitchen

If your home currently uses a traditional water heater, your most likely trying to balance between appliances and your family’s busy schedule demanding more hot water. With tankless water heaters, cold water is a thing of the past, you and your family can enjoy endless hot water for all your hot water needs.

Not only can a Rinnai tankless water heater give you more hot water but it can help you save money, conserve energy and last longer than a conventional heater. Our most popular model the Rinnai RUC98iN holds a 4.8 star rating on google review.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters use up to 40% less energy than a traditional tank.

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