Commercial & Residential

We’ve established our business in the Las Vegas area by adhering to the principles in which we believe, and we are committed to our employees, and to every customer we serve. Please contact us for any commercial electrical needs you have, whether it is a small repair, or a major commercial electrical installation. We are confident we can provide the level of quality you require for at rates competitive with any you’ll find in this area.

Electrical Wires

Access Electrical has extensive knowledge in electrical installations, troubleshooting, modifications and routine maintenance of electrical equipment, emergency notification systems, and high / low voltage wiring. Access Electrical can service all of your project needs by supplying and installing complete power, controls, grounding, lighting and equipment.

Electrical LIC# 85930

New Construction
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Breaker Panels
Electrical Underground

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of an electrician per hour ?

Each situation is unique, normally when we have a description of the issue and possibly a diagnoses we can further determine a cost. For more information please call us at (702) 597-1611

What if I have a few problems inlcuding electrical, air conditioning & plumbing ?

Here at Access Services Group we speicalize in all three trades and have certified technicans for each service. In these cases we have the ability to service & repair any of these.

What kind of electrical work can you perform ?

We have certified electricians that can install anything from ceiling fans and outlets to new electrical breakers & boxes. For more inquires please call us (702) 597-1611

Do you provide electrical for new construction ?

We specialize in commercial & residential work both in new construction and service work. This includes homes, business and property managment etc...